Epoxy-coated Centrifuge Tube Rack
Material: Stainless Steel
  • Used for 15mL, 50mL and 250mL Centrifuge Tubes
  • Epoxy-coated to prevent rusts
  • Autoclavable, and easy to handle
  • Dimensions (CWR-15) : (L)152mm x (W)82 mm x (H)83mm
  • Dimensions (CWR-50) : (L)151.5mm x (W)82.5mm x (H)82mm
  • Dimensions (CWR-100) : (L) 227mm x (W) 127mm x (H) 73mm
  • Dimensions (CWR-250) : (L)208mm x (W)136mm x (H)103mm
  • Dimensions (CWR-500) : (L) 210mm x (W) 205mm x (H) 100mm
Ordering Information
Cat. No. Holes Hole size Size Fit Unit
CWR-15 18 18mm 15mL EA
CWR-50 8 30mm 50mL EA
CWR-100 8 52mm 100mL EA
CWR-250 6 60mm 250mL EA
CWR-500 4 97mm 500mL EA