Aluminum Block & Aluminum Block, Round
Material: Solid anodized aluminum
  • Keep low Temp. when used with Ice, Dry Ice, Water, and/or Liquid Nitrogen
  • Used for cooling / heating of samples
Ordering Information
Type Cat. No. Description Dimensions (mm) Holes
Rectangular AL-EP-S 1.5mL/2.0mL Tubes 140 x 93 x 24 Φ11 x 40 Holes
AL-PP-S PCR Tubes 116 x 80 x 15 Φ6.2 x 96 Holes
AL-ER-S 1.5mL & PCR Tubes 150 x 80 x 24 Φ11 x 25 Holes
Φ6.2 x 32Holes
AL-C15-S 15mL Tubes 130 x 85 x 65 Φ16.8 x 15 Holes
Φ11 x 8Holes
AL-C50-S 50mL Tubes 160 x 95 x 65 Φ29 x 8 Holes
Φ16.8 x 3Holes
Φ11 x 6Holes
AL-CV-S Cryovials/48 Format Tubes 135 x 100 x 35 Φ12.4 x 35Holes
Round AL-EP-R 1.5mL/2.0mL Tubes 95(D) x 35(H) Φ11 x 19Holes
AL-CV-R Cryovials/48 Format Tubes 100(D) x 35(H) Φ12.4 x 19Holes
AL-C15-R 15mL Tubes 100(D) x 65(H) Φ16.8 x x12 Holes
AL-C50-R 50mL Tubes 100(D) x 65(H) Φ29 x 5 Holes
Φ16.8 x 1 Holes