2D Barcoded Cryogenic Vial Rack

2D Barcoded Cryogenic Vial Rack
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Available in two sizes: 1.2mL & 2.0mL (Lime Green) / 5.0mL
  • Holds up to 81 2D barcoded Cryovials (1mL & 2mL, and 5mL)
  • Designed especially for 2D barcoded Cryovials of Maple LS.
  • Locking Feature on the bottom of the hole enables speedy and convenient one-hand operation.
  • Stackable with individual lids preventing contamination.
  • Sterilizable and good chemical resistance.
  • Endures Cryotemperature (-196℃ to 121℃).
  • Compatible with most Barcode Rack scanners that could scan racks at a time.
  • Human readable 1D barcode is etched on the side of the rack.
  • 2D barcode is permanently laser etched on the bottom of the rack.
  • Dimensions:Rack for 1.2mL & 2.0mL Vials: (L) 132.5mm x (W) 132.5mm x (H)( 52mm (Hole D 12.8mm)
    Rack for 5.0mL Vials: (L) 132.5mm x (W) 132.5mm x (H) 90mm (Hold D 12.8mm)

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Volume Type Unit
CV10-IN-BD 1.2mL Internal thread 500/pk, 12pk/cs
CV10-EX-BD 1.2mL External thread 500/pk, 12pk/cs
CV20-IN-BD 2.0mL Internal thread 500/pk, 12pk/cs
CV20-EX-BD 2.0mL External thread 500/pk, 12pk/cs
CV50-IN-BD 5.0mL Internal thread 500/pk, 12pk/cs
CV50-EX-BD 5.0mL External thread 500/pk, 12pk/cs
CV10-IN-BD-R 1.2mL Internal thread EA
CV10-EX-BD-R 1.2mL External thread EA
CV20-IN-BD-R 2.0mL Internal thread EA
CV20-EX-BD-R 2.0mL External thread EA
CV50-IN-BD-R 5.0mL Internal thread EA
CV50-EX-BD-R 5.0mL External thread EA

2D Barcode Scanner
  • Multi-Rack Scanner is compatible with both sizes of Maple's 2D Barcode Rack.
  • Setup and procedures are easy to handle and can easily be scanned.
  • Scanned results can easily be saved, modified and transferred to excel, xml, json, text, and image files.
  • Type of Softwares:
    Samples Add, edit, track and maintain samples
    Export, import sample information
    Import Datapaq Scanner files
    Archive or remove samples
    Samples Quick Sample inventory-view, search, backup
    Scan, track and maintain samples
    Integrates with Datapaq 2D barcode Scanner
  • Scanner can scan both racks simultaneously regardless of the size.