EVA PCR CoolRunner

EVA PCR CoolRunner
  • Material: (Container) EVA, (PCR Rack) Polypropylene, (Cover Lid) Polycarbonate
  • Rack changes color from Purple to Pink, and Green to Yellow when the temperature goes above 7~8 ℃
  • Efficient for temperature-sensitive experiments with visual alert for temp changes
  • No need to place on ice or other alcohol based cooler which lessens the danger for contaminations
  • EVA foam, and the special filler inside the rack keeps the rack at low temperature for longer period of time
  • 96 hole format
  • Dimensions : (L)146mm x (W)104.5mm x (H)46.5mm (with Lid)(L)146mm x (W)104.5mm x (H)35.5mm (Rack only)(L)146mm x (W)104.5mm x (H)35.5mm (Rack only) 96hole / Φ6.5 / hole depth 16.5 / Conical Bottom
  • Patent pending

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Color Unit
PCR-CL-R Red 2/bg
PCR-CL-G Green 2/bg