Ice Pan w/ Handle & Lid

EVA Foam Ice Pan with Handle & Lid
  • Materials: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • High durability and excellent insulation
  • Waterproof, leakproof, unbreakable
  • Will not rust or sweat, nor deform
  • Secure handling and transport with molded handles
  • Suitable for use with Ice, Dry Ice, Alcohol Slurries, and Liquid Nitrogen
  • Chemical resistant and inert to moisture, odors, acetone, and dry ice
  • Temperature Range: -196℃~93℃

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Size Volume Dimensions (cm) Color Unit
IPH-90-B Large 9L (L)43 x (W)32.5 x (H)12 Blue 6/CS
IPH-90-G Large 9L (L)43 x (W)32.5 x (H)12 Green 6/CS
IPH-90-R Large 9L (L)43 x (W)32.5 x (H)12 Red 6/CS
IPH-90-Y Large 9L (L)43 x (W)32.5 x (H)12 Yellow 6/CS
IPH-40-B Medium 3.5L (L)35.5 x (W)22 x (H)12 Blue 12/CS
IPH-40-G Medium 3.5L (L)35.5 x (W)22 x (H)12 Green 12/CS
IPH-40-R Medium 3.5L (L)35.5 x (W)22 x (H)12 Red 12/CS
IPH-40-Y Medium 3.5L (L)35.5 x (W)22 x (H)12 Yellow 12/CS