UniFit™ Tips

GoldenGate Bioscience UniFit™ Tips, wwith the optional, innovative Low Fluid Retention (LFR™) resin technology, provide superior sample recovery while increasing accuracy and reproducibility for pipetting liquid in microvolumes.
UniFit™, universal-fittingp ipette tips, in regular and filter barrier formats are designed to fit practically all single and multichannel pipettes.


AeroGard™ filter barriersblock aerosols by coalescing radioactive, chemical, or biological contaminants before they can come in contact with pipettor shafts. This effectively eliminates unwanted signals induced by residual RNA/DNA transferred in trace amounts by aerosol cross-contamination. They also act as a safety barrier against accidental over-pipetting of fluids without risk of sample lock up.


GoldenGate higher-capacity ClickSeal MicroCentrifge Tubes offer superior user confidence in the seal as the caps "click" when closed. Additionally, the ClickSeal design allows repeated cap closures and eliminates pressure-induced popping during incubation procedures. 0.65mL, 1.7mL and 2.0mL sizes fit all popular microcentrifuge rotors.


GoldenGate BioStor™ Screw-Cap Vials serve a wide range of life science laboratory needs, including sample collection, processing, centrifugation, long-term storage and packaging/shipping of biological reagents.
Screw Caps feature a circular 3mm syrange port which is easily pierced for either access of hazardous materials or fraction collecting. The vials' uniform, thick-walled construction, with reinforced support collar, allows high speed centrifugation to 17,000xg. Manufactured from inert, LN2-grade polypropylene, sample viability is protected at extreme temperatures ranging from -195℃ (LN2 vapor phase) to +121℃.


The Micro Tube Rack System™ has become the industry standard for deep-well microtiter plates with removable wells. Featuring a rack with an 8 x 12 hole-pattern on traditional 9mm centers, the entire System conforms to the SBS footprint/configuration compatible with robotic workstations, multichannel pipettors, and auto-sampling instruments. Alpha-numeric, non-reversing Rack and Lid ensure positive sample identification. Lid, with individual condensation rings above each Tube, prevents cross-contamination. The inert polypropylene Tubes, Rack and Lid can be autoclaved, Centrifuged at moderate speeds, and stacked for long-term storage of biological samples


All GoldenGate bioscience PCR Plasticware features ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness on all tubes and plate wells, to allow precise heat transfer from the thermal cycler block along the entire surface of the high contrast printed letters and numerals. Barcoding for sample management and storage/retrieval is available on semi-skirted and skirted plates, upon request. All GoldenGate Bioscience plasticware is certified free from DNA, DNase, RNase and pyrogens.


GoldenGate Bioscience offers three approaches to plate sealing during cycling; single-use films, reuseable silicone PlugMats™ and CapStrips™. Films, in either clear polypropylene or polyester, and aluminum foils provide exceptional sealing across the entire plate during transportation or storage. When used in conjunction with a silicone compression mat, well to well contamination and cross-over in PCR applications is virtually eliminated. Ultraclear film is available to provide the optimal clarity required for real-time applications. For multiple use, 96-well PlugMats™ effectively seal each well during the PCR process.